Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Get All Rare Blades

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Get All Rare Blades

Xenoblade Chronicels 2 feature dozens upon dozens of blades that can be awakened through core crystals. However, only a small portion are 5 star rated and are as such valuable inclusions to your drivers arsenal. Unfortunately, just as the name suggests, 5 star Rare Blades are very difficult to come by so it can be a little daunting to find a starting to point for your hunt. To help my fellow drivers, I’ve decided to put together a handy guide on how to get every 5 Star rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Rare Blades from Story Progression

There are a number of rare blades that are  obtained through natural progression of the story. You don’t have to worry too much about missing these as they are integral to the story and therefore compulsary. However, for reference here all the rare blades that can be obtained through the main quest.

  • Pyra
  • Mythra (Story Progression)
  • Dromarch (When Nia joins your party)
  • Poppi (Joins your party)
  • Poppi QT (Story Progression)
  • Wulfuric (Beastly Core Crystal)
  • Roc (Roc’s Core Crystal)
  • Brighid (When Morag joins your party)
  • Pandoria (When Zeke joins our party)
  • Aegeon

Rare Blades obtained from Rare Core Crystals and Legendary Core Crystals

The large majority of rare blades are obtained by  awakening through Rare and Legendary Core crystal. Just to note you are not guaranteed a 5 star blade from a rare core crystal or legendary, it is all by chance. However, Rare and Legendary Core Crystals improves the probability of awakening a rare blades. The following blades are obtained through the lottery.

Azami Adenine Agate Boreas
Dagas Dahlia Finch Floren
Electra Gorg Godfrey Newt
Nim Perceval Ursula Zenobia

Blade Quests and Unique events


Herald can be obtained by using the Sealed Core Crystal. To get the Sealed Core Crystal, you must complete the Altar of Sealing sidequests. Essentially, you will need to make a blood alter offering or something blood like to complete the quest. Youtuber BeardBear has uploaded a clear and concise video on how to complete the the side-quests.


Praxis can be obtained by completing the Crystal Clear Quest which is available after chapter 5. As prerequisites, you will need Morag and at least 10 core crystals in your inventory. Firstly you will need to buy Core Crystal the from informant Durmagh at Alba Cavanich. Head to the underpass at Torigoth (where you first encountered the Ardanian Captain earlier in the game) to trigger the sidquest. The sidequest is fairly involved, so I recommend watch the above video for a step by step guide.


Once you have obtained Praxis you can now access the “Blade-Sharp Memory Quest.” To do so you will need level up her affinity chart up to the 4th outward level, until “Fierce Deluge” is available. Travel to Holy Gate of Fontana at Fonsa Myma and head few stair south to trigger the side-quest. For the full visual guide, I highly recommend using the video guide above.



Kasandra can only be awakened from the Lucky Core Crystal. Firstly you will need to purchase the “Greedy Monster” from informant Durmagh at Alba Cavanich.  Head to the Chansagh Waste Salvage point (fast travel Anagham Dock #2 at Mor Ardain). Use any Cylinder at the respective Salvage point until you flush out the Gluttounous Marrin. Defeat the Marrin and collect the Lucky Core Crystal.


Sheba can be only awakened from the Inherited Core Crystal. The Inherited Core Crystal can be purchased from Margia’s Odds & End at Torigoth Market for 500000G.

Huge thanks to Beardbear for making the video guides. If you found them helpful and/or enjoy his content please go subscribe to his channel.