Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

Dozens of games and 7 Generation later, the number of Pokemon has expanded from a measly 150 to just over 800. In celebration of the recently released Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra moon and the impending release of Pokemon Switch, I thought it would be a great idea to countdown the top 10 strongest Pokemon. In order to construct this list, I looked at stats, abilities, movepool and viability in a competitive environment. For the most part, I looked at the respective Pokemons strengths and its viability in Smogon rule-sets.

10. Yveltal

Yveltal is a well rounded Pokemon able to serve a multiple roles depending on what build you opt for. With strong offensive stats on both sides of the spectrum, Yveltal can be a tricky customer customer to counter, particularly if a mixed attacker set is used. His offensive presence is amplified by the ability Dark Aura which powers up Dark type moves. Furthermore, Yveltal has admirable bulk and a decent movepool to run a tank build offering support and utility. Perhaps, what lets down Yveltal it does not have the pure power of the other Pokemon that ranked higher in the countdown. Regardless, Yveltal it will be foolish to sleep on Yveltal.

9. Ho-oh

Ho-oh is the Pokemon embodiment of a phoenix and is deserved of its place in this countdown. The phoenix is well rounded in its stat distribution with great offensive stats and more than above average bulk. What sets Ho-oh apart is its staying power with access to reliable recovery and arguably one of the best ability in the Pokemon universe – Regenerator. In the power department, Ho-oh is no slouch with two powerful moves at its disposable – Brave Bird and Sacred fire, given it’s type coverage it is difficult to find an appropriate counter.  Ho-oh is a Pokemon that refuses to go down and always come back harder.

8. Lugia

Luigia may not look like the most fiercest Pokemon going around and it may not hit as hard as others that made this list, but make no mistake, this is an incredibly strong Pokemon. Going by pure numbers, Lugia is one of the most sturdiest Pokemon. Lugia excels serves best as a defensive wall, with excellent stats in Defense and Special Defence which is further complimented by high HP. Adding to its durability is the excellent ability Multiscale and a reliable recovery in Roost. Lugia may not one shot Pokemon, it will play a war of attrition that very few Pokemon can win.

Spoilers: Most are Legendaries.

7. Primal Kyogre

Primal Kyogre is arguably the strongest Pokemon of its type and obliterate anything that does not resist water type moves. Where Primal Kyogre excels is its offensive presence. With 150 base attack and 180 special attack, Primal Kyogre hits hard… very hard on both sides of the spectrum. Moreover, with better than decent defensive stats this behemoth whale can take a few hits before it goes down. Primordial is an incredible ability that summons perpetual rain, boosting the power of water moves and nullifying fire moves. Primal Kyogre proves that it’s never safe to play in the rain.

6. Xerneas

Xerneas is the most powerful fairy Pokemon in existence and I don’t think this up for contention. Xerneas grace and benevolence is matched with power. Xerneas is a exceptional Pokemon with excellent offensive stats and bulk. With Geomancy, Xerneas can power up and begin to obliterate anything that crosses it’s path. Furthermore, blessed with it’s fairy typing, Xerneas is able to go against the many legendary dragons of past and present, a fete that few Pokemon can boast. Xerneas is a shiny example that fairy type are not relegated to simple support type roles.

5. Darkrai

Darkrai may not have the most impressive stats relative to the rest of the pocket monster that made this list – it will however – give any opposing Pokemon nightmares figuratively and literally. What makes Darkrai a powerful Pokemon is its signature move and ability, Dark Void and Bad Dream respectively. For those unfamiliar with Darkrai, Dark Void is a fairly reliable move that incapacitates Pokemon by putting them to sleep. Coupled with the ability Bad Dreams that consumes the sleeping Pokemons HP, Darkrai is a very efficient and potent Pokemon. Darkrai proves that you don’t need the best stats to succeed, when you have ingenuity and a overpowered move.

4. Mewtwo

This countdown would have no credibility if Mewtwo was not included in the top 5. At it’s base form, Mewtwo is a powerful Pokemon in its own right with sublime Special Attack and speed stats. However, Mewtwo begins to challenges for the position of the strongest Pokemon when you take into consideration its two mega evolution forms. Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y boasts one of – if not – the highest offensive stats in the game. This beast is made to destroy anything with overwelming power. Regardless of what form, Mewtwo isn’t a glass canon with well rounded stats across all categories. You would love to have Mewtwo in your team, but you would absolutely dread facing against it.

3. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon has been growing in reputation as the strongest Pokemon among the competitive circuit. In fact, the difference between Primal Groudon and the 2nd spot are negligible which is a testimony to its power. Primal Groudon is very much the embodiment of a Pokemon tank. It has excellent defensive stats and typing making Primal Groudon an extremely Pokemon to take down and with Desolate land its most glaring weakness can be nullified.. Best of all, Primal Groudon colossal attack stat is freightening and will just take massive chunks of HP even from the most bulkiest Pokemon. Primal Groudon is a Pokemon you will want in your team and it would be foolish to not consider it.

2. Arceus

Arceus is often considered as the God of all Pokemon. Its reputation doesn’t only come from a fable tale in the Pokemon universe – Arceus has the stats, power and utility to back up its god-like status. Arceus is perhaps the most well rounded Pokemon with base 120 stats in all categories, has a fantastic movepool and excellent abiltiy in Multitype which allows the God of Pokemon to assume any type depending on the plate it holds. Arceus is most effective as an offensive pivot. With one sword under it’s belt, Arceus can go on a rampage and wreck everything standing in its way.

1. Mega Rayquaza

Mega Ryquaza is so powerful to the point of ridiculousness. Very few Pokemon can survive an onslaught from Mega Rayquaza and if they do they will be worn down close to the point of fainting. It’s offensive stats are at a whooping base 180 which can be further amplified to ridiculous levels of absurdity with one Dragon Dance. It’s ability Delta Stream reduces the damage it takes from ice, electric and rock moves. Mega Rayquaza is so powerful, Smogon has banned it from the Uber tier list (which is primarily dominated with Legendary Pokemon) and relegated to the sole Pokemon relegated at the “anything goes” play rules . In my honest opinion, Mega Rayquaza is the undisputed strongest Pokemon and it will be difficult to convince me to think otherwise.

Feature image courtesy of Alphacoders