The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Timeline Placement? Aonuma Comments

The infamous Zelda timeline is always a point of contention between fans. Piecing together all the references, clues and eaters eggs with the release of every new title and placing it in the split timeline is always great fun, but it can result into passionate debates.

Breath of the Wild timeline is still up for debate with strong and valid arguments for all three timelines. Players have discovered easter eggs which may place Breath of the Wild in either the child timeline, adult timeline or fallen timeline.

In an interview with Jeuxvideo (via Nintendo Everything) comments on where BOTW falls in the timeline.

When asked about the timeline placement Aonuma says “Actually, those timeline-related questions are difficult because we’ve never designed any Zelda games by saying “hey, we’re going to put that game here, we need to have it fit into this period or that one, etc.” That’s not what comes first for us.”

He continues “But indeed, once the game is released and we’ve been able to develop our story, we can tell each other “oh yes, we can make it fit here”, but that’s not important to us. Especially since there could be contradictions in every new game if we tried to follow the timeline.”

He revealed that haven’t decided the timeline quite yet. “If we can put a game in the timeline, that’s great, but as for Breath of the Wild, we haven’t really decided where it belongs for now.”

Are you satisfied with Aonuma answer? Where do you think BotW falls in the Zelda timeline? Let me know by leaving a comment below.