Super Mario Odyssey – How To Capture Yoshi

Super Mario Odyssey feature dozens upon dozens capturable creatures. From the humble Goomba to the king of dinosaur itself, Mario can take many forms and use their special abilities to traverse the beautiful kingdoms. I have many favorite captures, but there is one that reaches the top of my list and and that is none other than Yoshi.

Yes, you can capture the green dinosaur, but you need to find him first. Firstly you will need to beat the game at least once to unlock the Mushroom Kingdom.

Once there make your way to the left side of the castle and throw Cappy on the scarecrow to reveal a staircase to the roof.

Once on the roof make your way to the right side. There you will find a Yoshi egg, break it to hatch Yoshi. Throw Cappy to capture Yoshi and begin to have fun.

Yoshi is a delight to control. You can flutter in the air and and extend his tongue to swallow all sorts of things.