Super Mario Odyssey: How To Unlock All Secret Kingdoms

Super Mario Oddyssey: How To Unlock All Secret Kingdoms

Life would be good for a former plumber if he wasn’t so preoccupied saving his beloved . In Mario’s latest, Nintendo has the mustache hero globetrotting  across the world visiting magical and beautiful locales. From the glistening waters of Lake Lamode to the bustling streets of New Donk City, each kingdom is wonderful and packed to the brim with secrets to discover.  I always found myself excited when landing on a new kingdom.

Aside from the Kingdoms unlocked through natural progression of the story, there are secret kingdoms that can only be unlocked by achieving certain conditions. Here is a quick and concise guide on how to unlock all Secret Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey.

Mushroom Kingdom – Peach’s Castle

A throwback to Super Mario 64, Peach’s Castle features as a kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. To unlock the Mushroom Kingdom, you will need to simply beat the game once and the Kingdom will become available. I will not spoil the Kingdom for you, but I will say there many homages to the classic title and it features one of the best captures in the game.

Dark Side – Rabbit Ridge

Rabbit Ridge is one of two secret kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. Rabbit Ridge features a boss battle challenge that will put the skills of Mario fans to the test. To unlock the Dark Side you will need to collect 250 moons.

Darker Side – Culmina Crater

The final kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey and also features the hardest challenge the games has to offer. To unlock the Darker Side, you will need to collect 500 moons. When you arrive you will be met with a fantastic reception with all the good folks you’ve me along your adventure. There’s only one Moon, which is rewarded after competing a sadistic obstacle. However, the reward is well worth it if you manage to conquer the obstacle course.