Splatoon 2: Unlocking All Hero Replica Weapons – Is it worth it?

It’s safe to assume that most players will be spending most of their time online, however I do recommend giving the single player campaign a go. If you do decide to give it a go, you’ll be using some impressive weaponry that would destroy almost everyone at the lobby. However, you might think Nintendo will never allow these weapons in turf war right? It will throw the balance off, right? Well, that’s sorta correct.

You can unlock the Hero weapons but not in the form that you would expect. You can unlock Hero Replica weapons to use in online multiplayer. The downside to these replica’s are that they are just reskins of the respective base weapons with the same stats and sub-special weapon combination.

To unlock one Hero Replica weapon, you will need to complete all with the respective weapon. For example, to unlock the Hero Shot Replica you must complete all the stages with the Hero Shot. For the Hero Brush Replica, you must complete all the stages with the Hero Brush. Unfortunately to unlock all the Hero replica weapons, you will need to grind through every level multiple times to get every single one.

In my humble opinion, unless you are a completionist, it is not worth the time and effort to get every single one. Just pick your favorite weapon type and go from here as they do not offer any distinct advantages offer the base set.

Hero Shot Replica – Burst Bomb/Splashdown

Hero Roller Replica – Curling Bomb/Splashdown

Hero Duelies Replica – Burst Bomb/Tenta Missiles

Hero Charger Replica – Splat Bomb/Sting Ray

Hero Slosher Replica – Suction Bomb/Tenta Missiles

Hero Splatling Replica – Sprinkler/Stingray

Hero Blaster Replica – Toxic Mist/ Splashdown

Hero Brella Replica – ?

Hero Brush Replica – Splat Bomb/Splashdown