Splatoon 2: Boss Battle Guide

In my humble opinion, the best facet of Splatoon 2’s single player is most definitely the boss encounters. While few and far between, the boss encounters are fierce and well designed battles that test your wit and skin. Perhaps more importantly they are just damn right fun.

However, if by some chance that these fiendish creatures pose a mightier obstacle than you had expect, look no further than this guide. This is a comprehensive guide providing strategies and tips to defeat all the bosses in Splatoon 2’s single player campaign.

Spoiler Warning: This guide will contain spoilers.

Boss 1: Octo Oven

The first boss is the searing hot Octo Oven. When the battle begins and as the Octo Oven approaches it is highly recommended that you ink your surrounding area. This will allow you to quickly maneuver around the boss and dodge incoming attacks.

The trick to avoiding the Octo Oven attack is to never align yourself with the Octo oven’s face. The Octo Oven will telegraph an attack when it raises it’s body and the head’s begin to shake. From here simply move yourself from the trajectory of the head.

Once the heads protrude out, you have a window of opportunity to make your way up to the top. Splat the singular tentacle until it bursts.

The second phase is a little trickier with several ink columns and less walls to swim up to the top. The strategy remains the same but you need to be more clever with positioning so you have a clear path to make up on top.

The last phase is the most difficult. More ink columns will appear and a more troublesome ink glacer will hamper your mobility. Furthermore the bread heads will have armor. Again the strategy remains the same, but you will need to be clever with positioning so you can make it up to the top.

Octo Samurai

While not as visually impressive as the Octo Oven, the Octo Samurai can deliver devastating blows if you don’t respect his attacks. The general strategy is to cover him in ink until he flips over and reveals his tentacle giving you an opportunity to splat.

The first phase is fairly straight forward. Simply just cover him in ink until he explodes while avoiding his swings. The second is a tad trickier with Octo Samurai becoming more aggressive. In this phase it is important to avoid his spin attack which is easily telegraphed when his eyes light up. An easy trick is to stay right on the Octo Samurai body while he is attacking his attacks while almost always miss while also giving free reign to attack him.

Lastly at the final phase it’s the same strategy, however the Octo Samurai will pose a new level of danger. In this phase he will fling flying pillars of ink towards at you. Dodge the projectiles careful while moving close to him to. Again in close quarter combat the Octo Samurai will use the Spin attack so proceed with caution.

Neo Octostomp

The Octostomp returns with vengeance in Splatoon 2. As the battle begins, the Octostomp will rush to you and try to crush you by stomping the ground head first. Simply evade the stomp and make a path of Ink on his body to splat the tentacle.

The second phase the Octostomp will transform into the Neo Octostomp. This new form will have a cooler bag coating to protect it’s body from Ink. In addition to this, the Octostomp will have You will need to shoot the strap to rid the body of the armor. Now just repeat the same strategy from the first phase.

The final phase the Neo Octosomp will have a third phase and it will leap a fair distance to crush you. So you will need to be extra cautious. However, the strategy remains the same as the second. After this phase the Neo Octostomp will be defeated.


Most definitely my favorite boss fight in the game. My first advice is to stay nimble and take cover  behind the many platforms to avoid being targeted by the Octoshower. The key strategy remains the same throughout each phase. Take the high ground and shoot the Octocopters above the Octoshowers head.

During the second phase, the Octoshower will arm itself with the potent gattling gun. In addition to this it will rush towards you leaving a devastating trail of ink. Play smart and avoid all it’s attack.

At the final phase, the Octo shower will move faster and will fire a high pressured beam of ink that can even target you behind solid cover. Again just implement the same strategy as the first phase to defeat the boss.

Final Boss: Dj Octavio – Octobot King II

The final boss is a tad disappointing especially compared to the sublime final boss in the first Splatoon. Nevertheless, it is still an enjoyable encounter respectively. As soon as the battle starts begin to spray the surrounding area with your own ink so you can traverse quickly to dodge attacks.

The first phase is straight forward. Dj Octavio will launch it’s fist towards you. Simply shoot the knuckles to rebound back to hit Dj Octavio, however be careful of the spinning fist as the cannot be rebounded. Also be mindful that DJ Octavio can hurl splat bombs towards you. After a number of hits, Dj Octavio will fall to the ground giving you time to shoot him while he is incapacitated.

The second phase implements the same strategy, however Dj Octavio will utilize more varied attacks. Spinning fist will be more frequent, Takoyaki canons will be fired towards you, bomb rushes and a shower charge have to be contended with.

The third phase is similar to the second, the difference being in the heightened aggression. Dj Octavio will attack more frequently and will much more elusive to hit. Implement the same strategy will dodging his constant barrage of attacks until the next phase intializes.

At the final phase you will be given a modded Rainmaker and will be riding along two rails. Using the Rainmaker shoot the incoming fist to rebound back to DJ Octavio. It sounds simple but you are the constantly on the move and you have to contend with a a barrage of attacks. After a number of hits, Dj Octavio will fall to the ground. Follow the inner ink rail to the ground and press B to finish off the Octarian King.

I would like to link BeardBear and his YouTube guide if you like to visually see how to beat all bosses without taking a single damage. I highly recommend subscribing to Beardbear as he is a very skilled gamer that shares helpful tips and guides.