Pokemon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun: How to catch all Legendary Pokemon

How to catch all Legendary Pokemon in Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun

Much like the generation 3 remakes, it is possible to catch almost all Legendary Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. However, the manner and method in which you capture the past Legendary’s are not what a veteran Pokemon trainer would expect. With over a dozen of legendary Pokemon to capture, I thought it might be an excellent idea on making a clear concise guide on how to catch all Legendary Pokemon in Pokmeon Ultra Suna and Ultra Moon.

For the most part I will be focusing on Legendary Pokemon obtained from the warp holes. If you want to know how to get the signature Legendary’s you can click here. To see how to get all the Ultra Beasts you can click here.

Traveling through the warp holes and catching Legendary

A large proportion of Legendary’s can be caught through the Ultra wormhole. This becomes available through story progression, however I highly recommend to attempt your Legendary hunt after defeating the Pokemon League. The warp hole is an easy concept to wrap your head around once you understand the concept.

Essentially, the goal is to travel as far as possible through the warp hole. You’ll notice four different wormhole colors (red, green, blue and White), each corresponds with a location offering rewards like normal pokemon, shiny’s and legendary’s. As a general rule of thumb, the further you travel down the wormhole, the greater the chance of encountering a Legendary Pokemon.

Below is an easy to follow guide on the location of each respectively Legendary and what what wormhole they can be found.

Name Location/Method Version
Zapdo Red Wormholes Both
Moltres Red WormHoles Both
Articuno Red Wormholes Both
Mewtwo Green Wormholes Both
Raikou Green Wormholes Ultra Sun
Entier Green Wormholes Ultra Moon
Suicune Found in Blue Wormholes but you must have Raikou and Entei in your party Both
Luigia Blue Wormholes Ultra Moon
Ho-oh Red Wormholes Ultra Sun
Regirock Yellow Wormhole Both
Regice Yellow Wormhole Both
Registeel Yellow Wormhole Both
Latias Blue Wormholes Ultra Moon
Latios Blue Wormholes Ultra Sun
Kyogre Blue Wormholes Ultra Moon
Groudon Yellow Wormholes Ultra Sun
Rayquaza Found in Red Wormholes but you mast have Grouldon and Kyogre in your party Both
Uxie Blue Wormholes Both
Mesprit Blue Wormholes Both
Azelf Blue Wormholes Both
Dialga Green Wormholes Ultra Sun
Palkia Blue Wormholes Ultra Moon
Giratina Found in Yellow Wormholes but you must have Palkia and Dialga in your party Both
Heatran Yellow Wormholes Ultra Sun
Regigigas Yellow Wormholes Ultra Moon
Cresselia Red Wormholes Both
Cobalion Green Wormholes Both
Terrakion Green Wormholes Both
Verizion Green Wormholes Both
Tornadus Red Wormholes Ultra Sun
Thundurus Red Wormholes Ultra Moon
Landorus Found in Red Wormholes but you must have Tornadus and Thundurus in your party Both
Reshiram Green Wormholes Ultra Sun
Zekrom Green Wormholes Ultra Moon
Kyurem Found in blue wormholes but you must have Reshiram and Zekrom in your party Both
Xerneas Green Wormholes Ultra Sun
Yvettal Red Wormholes Ultra Moon

Credit to Gamexplain for some help in creating this guide.