Pokemon Sword & Shield: My Top 5 Galar Form Wishlist

Game Freak surprised me with the revelation of Galarian forms for Pokemon Sword and Shield. In hindsight, I should have expected this as new regional forms for older Pokemon have been done in Generation 7, however on other hand Game Freak does have a propensity of dropping new ideas.

But I digress, it was exciting to see Galar Weezing and Galar Zigzagoon to be introduced.. Like the Alolan forms and Mega Evolution that proceeded it, Galarian form can bring new life to Pokemon that were once forgotten and can showcase interesting twists to the designs of our favorite Pocket monster.

With two Galarian forms revealed thus far, I would like to share my top 5 Pokemon that would I like to see get their very own Galar forms.

  1. Galar Flygon (Dragon/Rock Type) Ability: Levitate

My first pick is none other than Flygon. This is just personal bias kicking in as Flygon is among my all time favorite Pokemon. For a good part of a decade, Flygon has always been outclassed by his stronger and faster cousins. Dragonite, Salamence, Charizard-X and Garchomp simply outclass this dragonfly.

However, this does not have to be the case. With a Galar form, Flygon can carve out a nice niche for itself by sporting a duel Dragon and rocky type alongside the ability levitate.

This combination allows only two type effective weakness ( going from the top of my head) and a number of hand resistance. Throw in a number of good moves like Stealth Rock, Head smash and Accelerock, Galar Flygon has the potential to become a very good Pokemon.

2. Galar Passimian (Fighting type) Ability: Quick Feet

As a homage to the United Kingdoms obsession with the sport, it was only fitting to have a Pokemon that fits the theme for soccer. And in this case Passimian most definitely fits the bill.

Known as the teamwork Pokemon – instead of throwing rounded fruit – instead Galar Passimian would kick it like Soccer players. In my eyes, Galar Passimian just makes so much sense. Wink, wink! Game Freaks!

3. Galar Luxray (Electric/fairy type) Ability: Cotton Down

Luxray looks like a formidable Pokemon. Unfortunately looks can be deceiving as Luxray is letdown by terrible base stats and equally abysmal move-pool.

Going by the key philosophy behind Galarian forms, a Galar Luxray could potential breathe new life to this mediocre Pokemon.

I envision Galar Luxray to have a large cotton mane a clear indicator of adaptation of the chilly United Kingdom climate. As for Galar Luxray’s ability, I can’t go past the newly introduced Cotton Down, which lowers the opponents speed after attacking.

More importantly, Galar Luxray could use a few more good moves under its arsenal. Extreme Speed, Close Combat, Play Rough and maybe a new physical-based Electric type move.

4. Slaking Galar Form (Normal/Dark type) Ability: Sap Sipper

As an Australian, we’ve always seen the poms as laid back tea sippers. So I thought it would be essential to have a Galar form that reflects the tea loving country. I propose Galar Slaking, the lazy and laid back Pokemon that loves a good cuppa.

Slaking has the potential of being among the strongest Pokemon, but it ultimately let down by its ability, Truant. However with the aptly suitable Sap Sipper (get it), Slaking can be an almost monster.

I thing a normal and dark type combination would be suitable, giving Slaking a massive 4 times weakness to fighting type moves, allowing for a number of counter plays against this powerful Pokemon.

5. Farfetch’d Galar Form (Flying/Fighting Type)

The national sport of England (and also many nations of the United Kingdom) is Cricket, so it would be natural to expect a Pokemon that follows this theme. From all the current crop of Pocket Monsters, I think Farfetch’d would fit the bill.

Instead of wielding a Leek, Galar Farfetch’d will hold a cricket bat and will gain the fighting type. Being a fighting type will provide access to more powerful moves and much welcome resistance.

Despite getting a new form, Farfetch’d is still a Pokemon with abysmal stat distributions. The only possible way to remedy this is to give it an evolution, which is entirely possible set by the precedent of Obstagoon. We all know Farfetch’d definitely needs a boost in power.

What are your thoughts on my list? What other Pokemon you would like to get a Galar form? Let me know by shooting a comment down below.