Octopath Traveler: How To Unlock Final Dungeon And True Ending

Spoiler Free

Octopath Traveler provides an interesting twist on the RPG genre.  I may not be too verse on the old-school JRPG of yesteryears, but I have never played or even know of a game that is uniquely structured like Octopath Traveler. 8 travelers with their own stories and journey to tell. However, I did notice one thing I asked myself while playing through the game, how are all these Travelers narrative interconnected? The answer to this burning question can only be discovered by completing the Final Dungeon, a post game secret unlocked after meeting specific conditions.

This article is a complete and comprehensive guide on how to unlock the final dungeon – The Gate of Finis. As always this guide will be spoiler free, so there is no need to look away.

Firstly it is essential that you complete all story arcs (all chapters) of all 8 travelers.

Quest line: In Search of Father

The first questline that needs to be completed is “In Search of Father.” Fast travel to Noblecourts and speak to kit. He will ask you to find a band of travelers for him to travel with.

Go right to East Noblecourts and head down the stairways to find an Aspiring actor. Use Orphilia guide to have the Aspiring Actor join your party. Return to Kit to complete the first part of the quest.

For the second part of the quest. Travel to Goldshore, use the West Goldshore Coast to access Moonstruck Coast. Traverse down to the southern end to find Kit. Speak to Kit to begin the second part of the Quest line.

Travel to Grandport. Using steal, take the Lapis Lazuli from the Traveling Merchants. Return back to to Kit at Moonstruck Coast to finish the quest.

Daughter Of The Dark God

Travel to the Rayus Manor Gate of the Clifflands and Speak to Alphas. He will speak of his valor in the battlefield but his regret not drawing the attention of his perfect women. Challenge and defeat Alpha’s in a duel.

Afterwards travel to Saintsbridge of the Riverlands and speak to Lyblac. A disheartened Alpha’s wll be appear on the bridge to your right. Scrutinize Alpha’s to reveal more information.

Travel north to Saintsbridge Upstream and speak to Flora. Share Alpha’s Poem to complete the quest.

Alphas and the Impresario

For the final requirements is to complete head to the West S’warkii Trails in the Woodlands to find Alphas and Impresario. Speak to him to encounter a mini boss.

Defeat the Guardian Liondog to complete the quest. Impresario will tell you Kit is at the Ruin of Hornburg which will now grant you access to the area. Fast travel to the ruins and head down south to find the Gate of Finis, the final dungeon. Good luck!

Full Credit goes to GTS13 for the guide. Please go subscribe to his channel.