Nintendo Switch Lite Aussie Launch Prices: Jb H-fi, Eb Games and More

The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Lite Prices Down Under

The launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite is almost upon us. Hitting store shelves this Friday, 20th of September.

If you haven’t gotten your pre-order in or would like buy it on the day, I have conveniently compiled a list of all the launch prices for the Nintendo Lite, so you can find yourself the best bargain.

The cheapest price for the Nintendo Switch Lite at a brick and mortar store can be found at Jb H-fi and Big W. The retail Giants are both selling the console at $299. Unfortunately, Eb Games and Target are both advertising the console at the full $329, but Eb Games you can trade and save to get the console cheaper.

Amazon prime members can purchase the Nintendo Switch Lite at $298. The online retailer Gamesmen have a fantastic bundle selling the console and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link’s Awakening for $389.95

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  1. Big W -$299
  2. Jb Hi-fi – $299
  3. Eb Games – $329 ($199 when you trade New 3DS X + 2 Games)
  4. Target – $329
  5. Amazon Prime – $298
  6. Gamesmen – $329 ($389.95 for the bundle)

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the first redesign of the Switch family to be introduced into the market. A dedicated handheld device smaller in size that foregoes the detachable Joycons and TV docking.

Where will you buy the Nintendo Lite Switch? Let me know by leaving comment below. For all the latest coverage, stay tuned at Bite Size Gamer.