My 5 Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Ultimate Fighters

Another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tier list… just joking

Smash Ultimate has been out in the wild for over one month now and I have gotten the opportunity play the game extensively now. Suprisingly, I did not expect to enjoy the game this much and I believe Sakurai has struck the perfect balance that can appease all types of gamers and the Smash community.

And with the extensive hands-on time, I’ve now decided on my mains whom I will dedicate much of my time to learn and master. No, this is not an attempt to make a tier list and I don’t profess to be a professional with an authority on the subject, rather I want to share my 5 best characters and why you might want to give them a shot.

  1. Wii Fit Trainer

My secondary from Smash Wii U has now become my main in Ultimate. Wii Fit Trainer is definitely one of the more obscure characters and I feel many players sleep on her (Yes waifu vesion is the true version). While I don’t delve myself too much in the micro aspects of Smash, like frames, knockback values and so forth, so I can’t say she is objectively better, but she just feels so much better.

Wii Fit trainer is very well rounded character with great mobility, good combo’s and excellent offstage pressure. Nair is an excellent combo starter and relatively safe on shield. Sun Salutation is an excellent pressuring tool threatening a kill at high percentages and very potent offstage often forcing an ill advised air-dodge or even a snipe.

What’s most impressive is her killing power. With a deep breathing under her chest, the increase mobility and power, make her a killing machine. She has so many killing options with deep breathing in full effect. Back air, forward, up air and Sun Salutation have the potential to net a KO. However, my go to weapon is forward tilt which can kill at ridiculous percentages.

Wii Fit Trainer does have a few weaknesses mainly a lack of good out of shield options and range, however, her strength in most cases can push her over the line. She is a very strong pick and shouldn’t be underestimated at all.

2. Palutena

The Smash Gods have truly blessed Palutena in Ultimate. The number of buffs she has received is incredible and she feels like a totally different character from her Smash 4 counter part.

Improvements in speed, aerial mobility, fall speed and frame date coupled with a new side special and an altered counter, Palutena now has all the tools to emerge victorious consistently now. 

Palutena greatest strength is utilizing her speed, mobility and safe aerials to pressure the opponent. Nair is a nice out of shield option and a combo starter. Fair is great for catching jumps and is safe on shield. BAIR and Dash attack have invincibility qualities and pack a huge punch.

What I love about Palutena is that she seems to have all the necessary tools to handle most situations and is a pick a can rely on when I’m tilted or need to cover up Wii Fit Trainers bad match-ups.

3. Dark Samus/Samus

My go to character for online, Dark Samus rounds out my best 3 character. Admittedly she might not be among the best fighters the game has to offer, but nonetheless she has strength that make her a threat.

Samus greatest strength is the pressure that a full powered charge shot. A combination of missiles, nair to catch jumps, dash attacks to catch landings, the grapple beam to punish shields and the charge beam to land KO’s, Samus neutral game is based on simplicity, which is why she is so damn fun to play. 

She may have lost some tools from Smash 4 (dash attack no longer is a combo starter) and her roll is still garbage, but she is far better than what most people give her credit for.

4. Lucina/Marth

Having mained Marth/Lucina during the Smash 4 era, the swordsmans have been relegated to pocket fighters. Marcina are strong fighters with their range and disjointed hitboxes among the best in the roster, able to effectively boxout those without range and are a proper means to find a safe opening.

A well spaced nair is a decent excellent approaching tool and Dancing Blade useful for racking up percentage. Fair and Bair are excellent spacing tools and great for edgeguard.

Marcina are most definitely strong characters, but they lack the explosive combo game of others and the propensity to get camped out by Zoners hold the pair back somewhat.

With that said, a little labbing I can see myself putting a lot of work with Marcina.

5. Pit/Dark Pit

In Smash 4, Pit (and his dark doppelganger) have always been considered honest characters. Unfortunately, they were too honest, a jack-of-all trade master of none.

I used him quite a lot at Smash 4, and playing him felt like a lot of work for little reward. I could win neutral several times and in one neutral loss all that work could be undone, plus fishing for a KO was difficult.

In Ultimate, Pit is much improved and I got hold up quite well in most situations and match-ups. The Pits have good speed, good combo’s, decent range, a projectile, a reflector and good neutral game. Again he is a jack-of-all trade fighter but he has a few new tools that make him a lot more deadlier.

Pit excels off the edge. With multiple jumps, an excellent Up B special and tools such as Fair and arrows, Pitt can effectively pressure offstage and edge-guard fighters with limited and exploitable recovery options (*cough, cough, belmonts.*)

What are your 5 best characters in Ultimate? Let me know by firing a comment down below.

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