Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – How To Unlock All The Golden Weapons

How To Unlock All The Golden Weapons

Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a wonderful game. In fact, it is one of the best games currently available on the Nintendo Switch, only behind the sublime Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey at the present time. You can read my full review here to see how much I adore this game. January 2018 is a tad slim in worthy new releases, so I went back to Kingdom Battles and funnily enough I’ve discovered new things. One such discovery is the Golden Weapons, something I completely missed in my first play-through.

I’ve decided to put together a quick guide on how to unlock all the Golden Weapons.

Prerequisites: In order to get the golden weapons you will need to at least have Move (which allows you to push blocks and is obtained by completing World 1).

Golden Weapon Set 1: Golden Bullet, Bling Machine, Golden Touch, Shining Dawn

To get the first set of Golden weapons you will need to complete World 1-S which is a secret area complete with its own set of challenges. World 1-S can be found at the Bambo Island of the Ancient Gardens. You can fast travel there from the Hub world via the World 1 cannon. Simply chug along until you reach the area as shown in the above image. The puzzle is simple. Move the blocks to the switch on the left and right end to open up a bridge to World 1-S. Once inside complete the presented challenges to be rewarded with the first set of Golden Weapon at the Weapons HQ.

The first set are early game weapons and are not the best weapons in the game. However, they do look neat and are more than useful in the early parts of the game.

Golden Weapons Set 2: Hammer Time, Column Crusher, Gold Rush

To unlock the second set of Golden Weapons, you must comeplete Word 2-S. To get there fast travel to Plateau Point of Sherbet Desert. From where you appear, complete the environmental puzzle which is essentially moving the block to the red switch as shown in the image above. Once the puzzle is completed, head down the newly unlocked pipe to find World 2-S. Complete the challenges to unlock the respective Golden Weapon at Battle HQ.

Golden Weapon Set 3: Golden Rocket, Gold Rush, Bullion Bill, Goldfish

The third Golden Weapon set can be unlocked by completing World 3-S. World 3-S can be found at the Slime Swamp of the Spooky Trail. Complete the environmental puzzle as shown above. Continue left to find World 3-2. Complete the challenges to unlock the third set of Golden weapons.

Golden Weapon Set 4: Golden Rule, Bullion Buster, Golden Tongue, Sir Goldwain

The last golden weapons are unlocked by completing World 4-S which is found at the Uphill Lava Trail. You can view Ubisofts video above to see the exact location of the secret area. Conquer all the challenges to get the last set of Golden Weapons.