I Really Want Banjo Kazooie In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Banjo Kazooie Joins The Battle… hopefully

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is something special. As expected with an entry to series of high pedigree as Smash Bros, Ultimate was always destined to be superb, but I did not expect it to be a masterpiece one that stands alongside the greatest games I’ve ever played. Polished to perfection, Ultimate boasts the largest selection of iconic fighters, it is packed to the rim with content and it is just so damn fun that is fast becoming my most played game on the Switch (move over Xenoblade Chronicles 2).

 At it’s current trajectory will join the half of fame next to The Wind Waker, Red Dead Redemption, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4 and Banjo Kazooie as my all-time favorite games. To join the hall of fame isn’t easy and I don’t take the selection process lightly. Only the best of the best can join and many have come close but never met the cut. Ultimate is close but not quite there yet. However, there is one thing that can happen to cement Ultimate’s place and it is related to one of the game aforementioned (you may already have guessed from the title.)

I really want Banjo Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. No, scrap that. I demand Banjo Kazooie to be playable in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I am a disgruntled entitled man-child and I want my demands to be met damn it. For far too long have BK fans have stood by idly watching our beloved Bear and Bird disappear into irrelevancy and it is about time

Ever since the original Super Smash Bros., I’ve always dreamed of Banjo Kazooie joining the playable roster. So when Melee was revealed, I naturally (perhaps in naivety) expected that the Bird and Bear to make a debut. Who could blame me? For all intents and purposes, Banjo Kazooie was a spiritual Nintendo mascot with roots stemming from the illustrious era of the N64, a character that would perfectly fit the fighting style of smash and in my mind BK was a clear choice.

So it was very upsetting to discovery BK had been omiited from Melee and with the change ownership my dream of the duo’s inclusion quickly died with it. However there is a glimmer of hope, one that dangles on a small fragile thread. We’ve all seen those tweets, right? Papa Spencer giving his blessing to allow Banjo and Kazooie to play with his friends. We are all just waiting for lord Sakurai to send that invitation.

Years ago the thought of Microsoft being opened to lend over their IP to an competitor would be prosperous. However, situations change and Microsoft have appeared to be more friendly especially with Ninty. Releasing Minecraft on Ninty concoles, green lighting the port of Hellblade and Cuphead , allowing crossplay and opening up Xbox Live connectivity for the Nintendo Switch, all suggest a cozy relationship between the Big N and Microsoft. And maybe, just maybe… a cozy enough relationship to allow Banjo Kazooie to enter the fray in Ultimate.

Realistically, the chance of Banjo Kazooie being included are slim as I see there are very limited incentives or benefit for Nintendo to include the beloved duo. The best I can do is ask Nintendo to throw us a bone. Give us – the long time devoted and faithful Nintendo fan what we want. From the goodness of your heart, a gesture of goodwill and generosity, give us Banjo Kazooiee for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Pretty please!!!

Feature image credit: Smashboards