Fire Emblem: Three Houses- Romance/Marriage Guide

How to get married in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has an endearing cast of characters and arguably the titles strongest aspects. The relationships and bonds forged over your tenure at Gareth Mach Monastery stay with you long after the credit roll.

Following in line with series tradition you are able develop deep bonds that will eventuate into marriage. Man or woman, you can marry whoever tickles your fancy.

After completing the game, you will be given the option to select of 1 of 3 characters (those with the highest level of support) to be betrothed to. Therefore it is imperative that you start the courtship process of your crush as soon as possible. Heal your love in battle, invite them to tea, go out for lunch and give them presents. These are sure-fire ways to a persons heart and there hand to marriage.

Unfortunately, there are so many great Waifu’s (sorry to those who like the male gender) to pick from it can be a daunting prospect. Finding your life partner is no easy task and a decision that can be taken lightly.

Luckily, for you I compiled a list of who I believe are the best girls that Fodlan has to offer.

  1. Dorothea

Although some may argue that Dorothea is the superficial choice and to some degree I will agree, but beyond her looks is an exceptional woman that only a fool would ignore. Dorothea is more in-touch with her feminine side than her fellow colleagues. Eloquent in her mannerism, sporting exquisite fashion, stunning visuals and a vulnerable self consciousness that completes her charm. If you have a thing for the Dandere archetypes than Dorothea is an excellent choice.

2. Shamir

This list would not have any credibility without the token Tsundere. Shamir is in some ways the opposite to Dorthea. Departing from the typical lady demeanor, Shamir has a hardened exterior that exudes authority, independence and strength. Shamir has a rebellious side opposing the noble hierarchy of Fodlan. Not to mention her short hair and deep purple eyes are to die for.

3. Mercedes

If you have a fetish for the good church girl than look no further than Mercedes. Shy, soft spoken, kind-hearted and deeply religious, Mercedes ticks all the right boxes if you are looking for a wholesome partner. Although at times, she can be absent minded and clumsy, but that adds an extra dimension to her personality avoiding the pitfall of becoming boring.

4. Leonie

In my opinion, Leonie is easily the best girl of the Golden Deer house. I can’t help but admire those who aspire and work hard to be better. Modest and earnest in nature, Leonie dreams to become a great mercenary like Jeralt and as a consequence develops a rivalry between yourself. We all know that rivalries can eventuate into love and that is the best sort of love.

5. Marianne

Marianne is perfect for those that are of the doting and protective type. A precious girl that initially has little confidence in herself but eventually breaks free from her shell to grow into a beautiful butterfly. I have a soft spot for Marianne as she very much reminds me of Sawako in Kimi Ni Todoke. If you want a wife that is all-so-precious that you can dote and protect, then I most definitely recommend Marianne.

Images courtesy of Fire Emblem Wikia