Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide – How To Easily Recruit Students From Other Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a fantastic ensemble of endearing characters. From your aspiring students, wise professors and powerful knights, your journey to obtain peace is not possible without the supporting cast.

However, if you fancy a student from another house and would like the respective person to join your class it is possible to recruit the individual after fulfilling certain conditions.

The game informs in order to recruit a student from another class you will have to achieve a certain level of renown, professor level and mastery of a certain skill that the respective student has an infinity for. With these things in mind there comes an assumption that recruiting is only possible on a new game plus. I certainly did as I failed to recruit anyone on my first play-through.

While it is true that a game plus will make the process easier, it is very possible (and quite easy) to recruit on a single play-through. To achieve this all you need to do is to level up the support between yourself and the student to level B. That is it!!

To level up Support just follow these steps:

  • Invite them to meals
  • Ask for them “Mission Assistance” and level up support by having them nearby you during battles (healing them works wonders)
  • Inviting them to tea
  • Gifting them flowers (the most efficient method)

Just repeat these methods often during your days off and the student will eventually approach to join your class. Just be mindful to recruit before part 2 starts or you will miss your opportunity.

Huge thanks to Guideranx for the information. Please go check him out.