Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Get Poppi’s Third Form

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Get Poppi’s Final Form

Tora and Poppi are arguably one of the best team members in Xenoblade 2.  The Noppon and his loyal artificial blade are always my first pick largely due to there utility as a tank and offensive unit. While Poppi is fairly strong with her two forms, she becomes even better with her third and final form.

Unfortunately, the third form is not obtained during the main story quest but through a optional sidequest. In this guide, I will detail step by step the process on how to get Poppi’s Third Form.

Powered-up Poppi Sidequest

Essentially you will need to completed “Powered-up Poppi” sidequest. The first step is to unlock this sidequest. To do this you will need to complete the heart-to-heart found at Fonsett waters, more specifically at Ansel Hatchery. Once the heart-to-heart is complete head to Tora’s house at Gormott (fast travel) and speak to Tatazo. Watch the lengthy cutscene and the quest will begin immediately afterwards.

Stage 1

Fast travel to Battlescar in Temperantia’s Peninsula. Use Silver/Golden Cylinders at the salvage point to farm the Golden Cogs. Once you have obtained 10, return to Tora’s house and speak to Tatazo.

Stage 2

Collect Five Cubic Diamonds in Mor Ardain: Fast travel to “Mor Ardain – Lower Level – Anagham Dock #2.” The Cubic diamonds can be found at Mineralogy collection points alongside the rocky cliffs.

Collect 12 Amber Stigmas in Morytha: Fast travel to ” Morytha – Streets – Fallen Skyscrapper.” The Amber Stigmas can be found in Mineralogy collection points along this area.

Purchase 5 Genbu Weave Cloth: Fast travel to “Tantal – Theosoir – Theosoir Main Gate.” Head to Boldarde Textiles and purchase  5 Genbu Weave-cloth

Once you have complete all 3 objective return to Tatazo for the next stage.

Stage 3

Objective: Speak to Fleecyflossy at Goldmouth Flight Deck in Argentum. Fast travel to Goldmouth Flight Deck and speak to Fleecyflossy.

Firstly, he will ask you to decode the blackboard. Here you will need a combined level 5 Forestry field skill. Flick through your blade inventory to search for blades that have forestry field skill. Ensure that you have enough to meet the level requirements

Next is observation. Fleecyfloss will ask you a serious of questions. The answers are as follows: Question 1- Kalukalu and Question 2 – Beltran

Next up, you will need to decode the blackboard with Level 3 Ancient Wisdom. Dromarch and Aegeon both have Ancient Wisdom.

Lastly, you will have to defeat a level 50 Torl Marrin.

Once you have completed Fleecyfloss lesson return to Tatazo.

Stage 4

The last task is to put energy into the charging pack. To charge the device you will either need: 50 Volt battery, Dynamo Turbine, Screw Coils, Gold Condenser and/or Digital Filament. The Screw Coils can be farmed at the “World Tree – Mid Level – 7th Perimeter Skyport” salvage point. Simply farm enough to charge the pack and you will receive Poppi’s final form, which is funnily enough called Poppi QT π (Cutie Pie).

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