Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Beat The Final Boss – Artifice Aion

Xenoblade 2 throws many challenging bosses at you – each with there own abilities and skills. If you have made it to the end it means you have overcome many hurdles, but there is one last obstacle before you reach Elysium and that is the final boss – Artifice Aion.

It goes without saying the Artifice Aion is a worthy foe and will pose a healthy challenge. However, with the right strategy and clever play, the Artifice Aion can be a cakewalk. In this guide, I will detail on how to beat the final boss easily.

Team and Blade Composition

For team composition, you can pick whatever combination that you feel most comfortable with. Personally speaking, I found using Tora and Morag (With Aegeon equiped) to be very effective. Their ability to tank hits and be self sufficient makes them less reliant on you to heal them which allows you to focus on your game plan and strategy. However, pick whatever team synergy that works best for you, but Rex as the leader is a must in the strategy.

Also I recommend having a tank blade in your inventory (to self heal and improve survivability) and as well as Shackle resist Aux core equipped to your blades.

As for blade compositions, you must have combinations that allow you to form 5 distinct elemental blade combo’s. The type doesn’t matter but the number does. Having 5 orbs around the Artifice Aion allows you to perform an element burst during a chain attack which is the cornerstone of your game plan.

My advice is to practice against the Artifice Colossus in order to experiment with differing combinations and become efficient with performing them during the heat of battle. Once you are confident in performing 5 different blade combo’s then you are all ready to face the artifice Aion.

The Game Plan

Phase 1

The first phase is relatively easy. Artifice will have arts that shackle your blades and nullify heal. So be mindful for these. After a certain chunk of health has been eaten the Artifice will call for reinforcement and summon a Artifice Collossus mid battle. You will want to avoid this at all cost as it unnecessarily prolongs the battle and makes the fight a great deal more difficult.

There are three thing you want to focus on during the battle

  1. Performing 5 blade combo’s so that 5 different element orbs are floating around the artifice
  2. Build up your party gauge to max to perform a chain combo
  3.  Max Pyra’s/Mythra’s affinity so you can transform her into the third form.

Once you have all three requirements fulfilled, transform into Pyra’s final form (hold R then X) and initiate a chain combo. The third form chain attack does massive damage to the artifice but also damages all orbs which helps you maintain the chain attack longer. Strategically pick the right elemental attack to break the orbs. Once all 5 orbs are broken, your team will perform an elemental burst which does enough damage to enter the next phase without the artifice calling for reinforcements.

Phase 2

The second phase is similar to the first, but the Artifice will be more aggressive with it’s attack. In the second phase,  the Aion can call two or three Artifice colossus into the battle once it’s health reaches below half. The goal here is to one shot it before it can call for reinforcements.

To do this, you use the same strategy in the first phase. Perform 5 different blade combo’s, build up your party gauge, transform Pyra into her third form, perform a chain attack and then an elemental burst. Depending on your level and blade combination, it can take over half of the Aion’s chunk. If you are lower than level 70, I advice to not unleash the chain until it has a little less than half HP left. If you perform it correctly, the Chain attack and the elemental burst will finish off the Artifice easily.

If you follow this strategy you will find beat the Artifice Aion easily.