Xenoblade Chronicles 2: How To Beat Nia, Morag, Tora and Zeke Boss Fight

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 features many challenging boss fights, most being surmountable with clever play and strategy. However – in my honest opinion – the most challenging boss and most rage inducing is the near end boss against Nia, Morag, Tora and Zeke. The game strips away your beloved team mates and pits them against you in a one-on-one (in the last case two against one) death-match.

Each fight is extremely challenging (especially Morag) and it is a frustrating road block so close to the end. If you are having difficulty in beating the respective bosses then I may be of help. In this guide I will detail a fail proof way to defeat each boss.

Essentially you want to play a war of attrition to whittle away the foes health while maintaining yours close to max HP. To do this you will need to equip three tank blades into each blade slot. Any tank blade will do, but if you have Finch or Cassandra available then go for them.

The strategy is to attack occasionally to reduce their health (using the specials on occasion), once your health is low (or of concern) use the shield art to heal HP and reduce damage taken. Once the shield art is used, switch to the next tank blade and repeat the process. This strategy will allow you to gradually chip away the bosses health while maintaining Rex’s health.

This is especially important as Nia can break-topple and Morag just simple throws a barrage of attack onto Rex making survivability difficult. If you play the strategy cleverly you can breeze through Nia, Morag, Tora and Zeke with no problems. Trust me this will work.

Happy Gaming!