Super Mario Odyssey: How To Unlock All Amiibo Costumes

Mario’s latest globetrotting adventure is an absolute masterpiece. Filled to the brim with clever ideas and dense with rewards, Super Mario Odyssey is a must play.

With so many fantastic kingdoms to discover, Mario needs to travel in style. Odyssey feature dozens of nifty costumes most of which can be bough with the in-game currency during normal playthrough. Some – however – can only be unlocked through using Amiibo’s or through meeting certain conditions.

In this guide we will tell you how to unlock all Amiibo Costumes without the use of Amiibo’s. That’s right you can unlock the amiibo costumes without purchasing amiibo’s.

Costume Amiibo How to Unlock
Classic Suit Mario Amiibo (From any series) After beating the game
Luigi Suit Luigi Amiibo (From any series) Collect 160 moons
Dr Mario Suit Dr Mario Amiibo (Smash Series) Collect 220 Moons
Waluigi Suit Waluigi Amiibo (Mario Series) Collect 260 moons
Diddy Kong Suit Diddy Kong Amiibo (From any series) Collect 300 moons
Wario Suit Wario Amiibo (From any series) Collect 340 moons
Bowser’s Tuxedo Bowser Odyssey Amiibo Collect 420 moons
Bridal Gown Peach Odyssey Amiibo Collect 460 moons
Mario’s Tuxedo Mario Odyssey Amiibo After landing on the Moon
Gold Mario Suit Gold/Silver Amiibo Collect 500 moons