Pokemon: Top 5 Ultra Beasts

With a series as long running and a celebrated history as Pokemon, it’s very difficult to imagine new ideas and concept to keep the series fresh. New Pokemon designs inspired by the location can only take the series so far before it all becomes derivative. Perhaps this is where the series is at now. A crossroads, where the producers and design teams need to introduce new concepts to keepthe fans of the series excited for each new entry or risk staling the series.

Last generation, GameFreaks introduced the illustrious Mega Evolutions for a careful selection of Pokemon. It was an interesting twist that gave new life to forgotten Pokemon and also a new element to the gameplay mechanics. In the current generation, Z-moves are all the rage and with a peculiar set of special Pokemon called Ultra Beasts.

Ultra Beasts are an interesting bunch of Pokemon, they are not overtly powerful or sport special abilities and qualities to be called Legendary’s, but on the other hand,  they are far more exceptional than your average run of the mill Pokemon.

With Ultra Beast being today’s topic, I thought it would be a good idea to make a countdown of the 5 most powerful Ultra Beasts.

  1. Xurkitree

When played well and intelligently, Xurkitree can be one of the most destructive Pokemon imaginable. Xurkitree boasts one of the highest special attacks in the game, however it is ultimately letdown by its other mediocre stats. In order to succeed, things need to align perfectly. It’s counters and checks need to be dealt with and a tactical decision needs to be made on when Z-hypnosis is to be used (granting a speed boost and a chance to inflict sleep on the opposing Pokemon). After a Tail Glow, Xurkitree (hopefully with a speed boost under its belt) can wreak havoc on any Pokemon by overwhelming destructive force. However, since Xurkitree is so reliant on a singular setup (essentially setup) its role in the team is fairly limited.

  1. Blacephalon

Blacephalon is a far more powerful and effective Pokemon than its more common cousin Chandelure.  This peculiar Pokemon excels as a special sweeper sporting a mighty Special Attack stat which is among the highest in the game and great speed stat that essentially means it can outspeed most Pokmeon. With these tools under its belt, Blacephalon can terrorize teams that come unprepared. Unfortunately, despite all these advantages, Blacephalon crippling defenses effectively means that it go down to anything that is mildly powerful and is incredibly susceptible to priority move. Blacephalon

  1. Celeesteela

Celeesteela is a pain in the ass to deal with. It’s a Pokemon that refuses to go down despite all your best efforts to kill the damn thing. An excellent defensive typing meaning that it essentially has only two weaknesses and blessed with two immunities boasting its ability to check and counter many Pokemon. Boasting both impressive defenses and attack, additionally with passive support moves like Leech Seed and Toxic – Celesteela has become one of the premiere defensive pivots of the current metagame allowing it to fit in balance and stalls teams. If you do not have reliable way to breakthrough a Toxipex and Celesteela defensive core than you may need to reconsider your team composition.

  1. Naganadel

Naganadel distinguishes itself from other Pokemon with it’s unique duel typing, Poison and Dragon (which is shared only by one other evolution line). Coupled with an impressive Special attack and Speed, Naganadel is an highly effective sweeper as it can hit most of the metagame for neutral damage with a dragon, poison and fire attack in it’s move-set (bar Heatran if my memory serves correct). With its poison typing, Naganadel does not need to fear the dreaded fairies that often hard counter Dragon’s and crippling effects of toxic. The only chink in Naganadel’s armor is its below average bulk.

  1. Kartana

Out of all the Ultra Beasts, I fear the Kartana the most. It’s offensive presence thanks to a spectacular duel typing, a deadly array of moves and a sky high attack stat make it an extremely difficult Pokemon to counter and check. Quite literally Kartana can cut through almost any Pokemon with a single swing after a Sword Dance. And those who can somewhat come in to sponge an attack, Kartana can more often than not overwhelm purely by the damage output it can dish out. At the current meta-game, when I’m developing a team, a way to deal and check Kartana (mainly having a defensive Zapdos) is always at the forefront of my mind.