Pokemon: Top 10 Strongest And Most Powerful Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions is one of the more interest shake ups in the Pokemon formula in recent memories. A striking twist to our preconceptions of evolutions, making already powerful Pokemon even more powerful and forgotten pocket monster  left in the shadows one last chance to shine. Indeed Mega Evolution is one of my favorite new additions and I sincerely hope that more mega evolved Pokemon are introduced in the future.

With Pokemon Switch on the horizon and more prospective Mega Evolved pokemon to be introduced, I thought it would be a great idea to countdown the  Top 10 strongest Mega Evolutions thus far.

For clarity sake, I’ve based this list on the Pokemon stats, ability and its competitive viability. And of course, this is my opinion feel so feel free to disagree and post your own rankings on the comment section below.

Image courtesy of Zelda Rocks

10. Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard X is in my opinion the better of the two Mega Evolutions available to Lizardon. Mega-X is a well rounded Pokemon with a build to hit  hard on both sides of the spectrum and a decent amount of bulk to boot. It’s unique Dragon and Fire typing is a fantastic offensive typing with very few type weaknesses. Just allow Mega X to get one or two Dragon Dances under its belt and it will be unstoppable. Mega X falls lower on the list as it requires a bit more work to setup before it can hit like a nuke.

9. Mega Scizor

Mega Scizor is one of my favorite Pokemon of all time. If I have to select a team of Pokemon to bank my life on, Mega Scizor would most definitely be my fist pick. It has all the tools to succeed. An incredible defensive typing, fantastic bulk, excellent movepool and skyhigh attack, Mega Scizor is close to perfection that a Pokemon can achieve. Mega Scizor best serves as a backbone for any team, a defensive and offensive pivot all packaged into one Pokemon. It can check many common threats with its typing and bulk and immediately threaten back with its offensive presence. The only downside to Mega Scizor is its more or less useless ability Light Metal and it doesn’t have the same destructive power of those that made it higher on the list.

8. Mega Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan at its base is a below average Pokemon. Forgive me if I sound overly harsh, but there is nothing redeeming about Kangaskhan, it has poor stats and utility that is greatly outclassed by many other Pokemon. Fortunately the Pokemon Gods has looked down upon Kangaskhan with great favor and blessed it with a fable mega evolution. This once forgotten Pokemon is now a powerhouse. At first glance, Mega Kangaskhan stats may not appear to be much especially in comparison to other Mega Evolved Pokemon. Don’t let that fool you. Mega Kangaskhan sets itself part with its unique ability Parental bond which allows it to attack twice with a single move (the second hit being 25% less poweful than the the first attack). Not only does Parental B0nd give Mega Kangaskhan extra “OOOMMPPPHHH” with each attack, it allows it to perform as an effective revenge Killer and team lead simultaneously. So great is Mega Kangaskhan it was almost a prerequisite on any VGC team a couple years ago.

7. Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross is the perfect definition of a Tank in every sense of the word. It is a huge chunk of metal that bulldozes everything in its way… just like a tank. Mega Metagross is a destructive force with an impressive Attack stat and the incredible ability in Tough Claws allowing it to bulldoze through any Pokemon. Perhaps Mega Metagross greatest trait is how well rounded it is. It has great stats, a more than useful ability, excellent duel typing and very few exploitable weaknesses. There are few chinks in this Pokemon impressive armor and it is without question deserved of a spot in the countdown of strongest Mega evololutions.

6. Mega Gengar

Mega Gengar reputation proceeds itself as one of the most dangerous Pokemon lurking around the scenes. Mega Genger is a Pokemon made from nightmares. Boasting a devilishly high special attack, better than average speed and the magnificent ability shadow tag – Mega Gengar can simply taunt and pull some shifty shenanigans on towards its opponent whom is unable to flee. Mega Gengar greatest assets is its ability to bully other Pokemon from either sheer power or a number of trick it can pull effectively as a result of its unique traits. Some may argue that Mega Gengar fragility is a major flaw. I’d argue that its flaws can be overlooked by its strength.

5. Mega Lucario

Mega Lucario is able to play with the big boys (Legendaries) which speaks volume of its strength. Perhaps at first glance Mega Lucario’s stats may look disappointing especially when compared to its Mega Evolved brethren. A base 140+ stat in both Attack and Special is nothing to scoff at, but the sly fox comes to its own with the amazing ability Adaptability which grants double power to Fighting and Steel attacks. This deadly combination of offensive stats and adaptability grants Mega Lucario devastating destructive power, enough to run through almost any Pokemon in the competitive scene. While indeed impressive, Mega Lucario’s fragility can be easily exploitable.

4. Mega Blaziken

Blaziken was in a precarious position a few generations ago. The emergence and the rise of Infernape in Generation 4 resulted in this fiery bird to be largely left in the shadows. Now with the advent of Mega Evolutions and be given its only mega form, the tide has turned greatly in Blaziken’s favor. One quick glance at Mega Blaziken, you’ll be saying “Infernape who?!” Mega Blaziken receives a noticeably boost in its offensive stats. However, most scarily is its ability Speed Boost – which is one of the best Pokemon abilities. Like the namesake suggests, after each turn the Kentucky fiery chicken gets a speed boost allowing it to effectively out-speed anything as the battles draws out. With the enormous Attack stat and Speed Boost combo, Mega Blaziken is a deadly powerful Pokemon.

3. Mega Salamence

Pokemon is a cruel world. Many are fortunate to be incredible Pokemon featuring impressive stats and movepools, while others are forgotten and left out in the realm of obscurity ( secretly cries for Spinda and Dunsparce). Salamence is one of those luck Pocket monsters, born with privilege, never to have to worry whether its trainer will abandon it. This privilege Pokemon gets even better with its very own Mega Evolution.  Mega Salamence reaches monstrous heights with a well rounded offensive build designed to wreak havoc. It’s mission is simple, perform one or two Dragon Dances to boost its speed and attack, and then go to town to whatever dare faces it. The only blight to Mega Salamence is that its design is rather poor and uncool relative to its fellow Mega Evolved friends… well in my opinion.

2. Mega Mewtw0 (both forms)

The original Legendary Pokemon gets more legendary with two Mega evolved forms. Mega Mewtwo (both forms) is monstrously strong and as an overall package this genetic clone ranks among the strongest Pokemon to ever exist. It’s ability to hit very hard on both sides of the spectrum and the unpredictability of having two forms make Mega Mewtwo a very difficult Pokemon to counter. On a pure numbers game, Mega Mewtwo has one of the most impressive stats with sky high Attack, Special Attack and great Speed allowing it to function as an offensive pivot in teams either as a sweeper or revenge killer.

1. Mega Rayquaza

There was never any question what will make the number one spot. In fact, the number of spot is arguably one of the – if not – the most powerful Pokemon in existence. You thought Rayqyauza was strong? You don’t know what strong is until you have Mega Rayquaza. Mega Rayqauza is quite simply a freak of nature – a Pokemon so strong that it verges on the line of ridiculousness. This is not just big talk on my part, Mega Raquaza has skyscrapping Attack and Special Attack stats that is among the highest that the games has to offer and couple with excellent bulk it is essentially the perfect Pokemon. What makes Mega Rayquaza so scary is that there is very few Pokemon that can counter it. After one or two Dragon Dances nothing can withstand an onslaught from Mega Raqauza not even its fellow Legendaries.