Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee Guide: How To Catch All Legendary Pokemon

How to Catch Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos and Mewtwo

Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee is the perfect game for Pokedex completionists. Changes to the mechanics of encounters and capturing Pokemon, add a refreshing excitement to catching rare Pokemon. It’s a a small shake up to the formula that is surprisingly fun and richly rewarding.

Even with the changes, there are Legendary Pokemon to catch to catch in this reimagined version of Kanto. It just wouldn’t be Pokemon if there wasn’t any lying around. Right?

If you need some help catching these rare buggers, then look no further, I made this quick and concise guide on how to catch all Legendary’s in Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu and Let’s Go, Eevee.

Firstly, let’s go through the  requisites. It goes without saying and for consistency sake, it would be a good idea to have obtained all 8 badges and have conquered the Pokemon League. Once these requirements are met you are ready to go for the hunt.

How To Catch Articuno

The mythical bird – Articuno can be found in the deep levels of Seafoam Islands which is located in the left area of route 19. In order to reach the Artic Bird, you will need to reach the area as show below in the deep level of Seafoam Islands.

Once at the area, you will need to push one stone pillar into each of the holes. A little problem solving is needed get a pillar into the right, but it isn’t too difficult to figure it all out. Once you have pushed two stone pillars down the holes, drop down to the next flor and make your way north to find Articuno awaiting for you.  Before you approach Articuno, save your game and once you are ready interact with the bird for a battle.

Articuno will be at Level 50 so expect a challenge. Unlike in previous games, you will need to defeat the Legendary Pokemon in order to have the opportunity to capture it. Once you have defeated Articuno you will be given the opportuninty to catch Articuno. As expected the rate of capture is low, so you will have to take advantage of all the principles of catching Pokemon to put the odds to your favor. Use berries, time your throws to perfection and use ultra balls, and before you know it Articuno will be yours.

How to Catch Moltres

The fiery phoenix of the kanto region – Moltres – can be found in the dark depths of Victory road. It is difficult to explain the route to Moltres and it would certainly be more helpful for a visual guide, so please watch the video above from the 5:50 mark to learn how to locate Moltres at Victory Road.

As always save your game and make sure you stock on plenty of Ultra Balls and Berries. Moltres will be level 50 and will be a relatively difficult catch, so apply all the principles to capture Moltres and in no time at all you will have the blazing phoenix.

How to Catch Zapdos

The shockingly powerful Zapdos can be found at the Power Plant off the water canals of Route 10. Once inside the Power Plant, finding Zapdos isn’t too difficult. Essentially you will need to find your way to the upper middle section of the Plant and there you fill Zapdos awaiting for you.

Save your game and prepare to battle the thunder bird. This will be a difficult capture so prepare well and stock up on berries and ultra balls. If all things go your way, you will have the legendary Zapdos ready to use in your party.

How to Catch Mewtwo

The big boss of the game, Mewtwo is the hardest legendary Pokemon to capture in the game. Like in the original games, Mewtwo can be located at Cerulean Cave (to the left of Cerulean City which can be accessed by Surf). Head inside Cerulean Cave and make your way to the inner depth of the cave to find Mewtwo. Mewtwo will be at a colossal level 70 and will devastate your team if you are not prepared. Bring a team that is able withstand Mewtwo and in turn beat it in battle. Defeat Mewtwo to afford yourself the opportunity to capture him. In my honest opinion, don’t waste your time using Ultra Ball, just opt to use the Master Ball instead, as there are no more difficult captures after Mewtwo and it is the best opportunity to use it.

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