Pokemon Generation 8: Where To Next?

The dawn of a new Pokemon generation is almost upon us with strong suggestions that Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch is indeed Gen 8. The anticipation of a new generation brings great excitement and hype. What new adventures lie ahead for us? How many new discoveries await? And how many new strong Pokemon will be introduced? These feelings are exclusive to the advent of a new Pokemon generation and one of the many reason why this serious is so loved and endearing.

Personally speaking, I’m always intrigued what distinctive real-word location will be the source inspiration for the new region. Looking at past regions they have always been inspired from real world locations. Unova perfectly imagines the bustling metropolitan of the great city that is New York, Kalos draws inspiration from the distinctive architecture of France and finally Alola capture the bright skies of the Hawaiian Archipelago. I’ve always been impressed on how well GameFreaks have been able to re-imagine real-world locations into the Pokemon fantasy. What location will the Generation 8 take us to? That is a well kept secret. But it would be fun to speculate.

There are so many so many distinctive and iconic locations around the world to draw inspiration from, that the possibilities would be endless. London, Greece, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Rio De Janeiro and Berlin; all wonderful locations and all equally deserving to be a Pokemon region. However -I do have one location – which in my opinion is a front-runner and the perfect source material for the new Pokemon region. And that location is Australia and its greatest city, Sydney. Okay, Okay, you got me. Yes, I’m a little biased as this is my home town, but give me a chance to sway you into my side. Trust me, Australia would be the perfect inspiration for generation 8 region.

Australia and its iconic native fauna

Image Source: Mother Nature Network

Australia plays home to some of the worlds most iconic and recognizable fauna. The distinctive fauna that make Australia are great source materials to create Pokemon for the new generation. Granted Autralia’s most iconic – the Kangaroo and Koala – already have Pokemon counterpart, there are many other species that would make great Pokemon. The Platypus would be an excellent duel water and poison type, the Wombat perfect for a burrowing ground type and the Kookaburra for the signature flying Pokemon that Ash will catch in the anime. Not to mention the plethora of endemic fauna such as the emu, the dingo, the Tasmanian devil, the quoll, the frill neck lizard and the possum – all of which would make excellent Pokemon and give the new generation a distinctive look and uniformity staying true to the source material.

Geographically Diverse Australia

Image Source: Telegraph

Contrary to popular belief that down under is a sun burnt land, Australia is a geographically diverse continent featuring many different climates and landscapes. Along the coast is rich and fertile land nurtured by the Great Dividing Range, to the north the weather is akin to the tropics home to wonderful rainforests and to the center is the desolate desert. It may also surprise you that it does indeed snows in certain parts of Australia.

Australia’s geographical diversity could lend strength to the new region. With an abundant amount of differing landscapes and climates, the region would be an interesting world to see and discover.

Natural Wonders and World Famous Architecture

Image Source: National Film and Sound Archive

A city inspired by Sydney would be wonderful choice for the regions capital. It is home to the Great Harbour Bridge, the elegant Opera House and the bright sands of Bondi beach – all of which synonymous to Sydney and can be re-imagined well into the Pokemon fantasy. It’s iconic status as one of the worlds best city and its recognizable features make Sydney a deserved candidate for Generation 8 signature city.

Moreover Australia hosts some of the most unique natural wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef – the largest in the world – would make the perfect sanctuary for powerful water Pokemon. Uluru, the red rock, a sacred site to the indigenous and therefore would be an excellent setting to encounter the regions mascot Legendary Pokemon.

Have I made a convincing case? Where would you like to Pokemon generation 8 to take us next? Let me know by leaving a comment below.