Mario Tennis Aces: Top 5 Best Characters

Mario Tennis Aces has shaped up to be the best entry in the famed series for a long time. We can forget the disaster that was Ultra Smash and forgive Nintendo for their misgiving, as Aces provides an accessible yet deep experience that delivers the fun in droves.

Where most fans can agree upon is that Aces does an admirable job in providing nuance and complexity in the gameplay that ultimately drives a competitive scene. There is a lot to take in, to learn and master, however, once you overcome that hurdle you can comfortably jump online and take on the competition.

Now before that. It’s important to pick the right character. But herein lie the million dollar question… Who is the best character in Mario Tennis Aces? With so many charcters to pick and types, it can be difficult to find the right one to give you the edge. Is it Mario? Is it Bowser? Perhaps Boo? Don’t fret, I would like to share my opinion on who is the champion.


Luigi makes the list as it would be boring to put Mario. And besides Luigi is far more interesting than the his more famous brother. Luigi falls under the all-rounder class. Luigi stats are good across the board, neither excelling or have any noticeable shortcomings in his game. For newbies or casual players, you cannot go wrong with good old Luigi.


This list would not be complete without my favorite Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. I’m not too sure how others feel about the technical class, but I thoroughly enjoy using them. Princess Peach in particular has excellent court movement which is further better with the precision of her shots. It is so satisfying landing a landing a shot of a difficult angle. With Peach (and Toadette for that matter) are characters that will definitely help you hone your skills on the tennis court.


Chain Chomp

Powerful characters like Chain Chomp have a distinct advantage over other classes in Mario Tennis Aces. They may not have the speed of the speedsters, the loop of the tricky class or even the racket skill of the technical. But they do have power enabling them to hit the ball back at impressive speeds. It is so easy to pressure opponents with hard hitting shits and push them back behind the serve line. My favorite from the Powerful class is chain chomp. For such a giant unit, Chainy can move around the court decently well and return serve with powerful winners.


Waluigi long limbs are a god send for the tennis court. He may not have the speed or the sheer power of other contestant. Bur what he lacks in athletic ability, Waluigi more than makes up for it in his long reach and defensive game. Having a long reach providing him excellent court coverage and defensive capabilities. His essential game is to create an impenetrable wall and pressure back opponents with appropriate returns and winners. The defensive class in Aces are widely regarded as the best and those classified as such have little to no weaknesses.

Bowser Jr

Bowser Jr is without a shred of doubt the champion on Mario Tennis Aces. The online leaderboard is dominated with Boswer JR players and it’s not difficult to see why. Much like its bethren Waluigi, Bowser Jr court coverage and defensive capabilities is a cut above everyone else. He is able to cover a ridiculous distance to reach for the ball and hit back with a strong return. As a result it is very difficult to pressure and push back a good Boswer Jr player. As a Bowser Jr player your essential goal is to be a defensive monster sponging up the pressure while building up meter and returning back with winner after winner. With trick shooting being so good and building up meter so easy for defensive classes, Bowser Jr is just broken in Mario Tennis Aces.