Lycanroc Dusk Form Revealed For Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon

A new form for Lycanroc has been officially unveiled. The Pokemon Company has announced that a Dusk form will be available for Lycanroc ontop of it’s Midday and Midnight form.

According to the Pokemon Company, dusk form Lycanroc will have different colors in it’s body and eyes when compared to the Midday and Midnight form.

It has been confirmed that dusk form Lycanroc cannot be obtained by normal means.

You can’t get Dusk Form Lycanroc on your team by ordinary methods, such as discovering the mysterious Pokémon in the wild.

So check back soon for news on how you can get Dusk Form Lycanroc, along with more details on the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon games.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon launches for the Nintendo 3DS on November 17. For all the coverage on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, stay tuned at Bite Size Gamer.