Fire Emblem Warriors: How To Unlock Celica, Lyn, Female Robin and Male Corrin

How to unlock Celica, Lyn, Female Robin and Male Corrin in Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is in many ways is a love letter to fan as many iconic faces from the franchise history are playable in the title. With heroes from multiple universes joining together, FE fans will be able to play their favorites in a stylish action game. Following up on our “How To Unlock Anna Guide,” we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to unlock all the remaining secret playable characters: Celica, Lyn and Male Corrin.

How To Unlock Celica

In order to unlock Celica, you will need to complete the “Together To The End” map of History mode. Firstly in order to unlock “Together To The End” you will need to have completed the Story mode at least. There’s no specific method to the madness, simply go through each challenge until Celica appears on the map. Ground through more challenges until you are able to face Darios, finish the challenge and Celica will be available as a playable character.

How To Unlock Lyn

In order to unlock, you will need to complete the “Noble Lady of Caelin” map of history. To unlock this you will need to have completed the story mode. It’s a long grind but your essential goal is to make it to the castle and beat the challenge that lies at the end. After completing the final challenge Lyn will be made available.

How to unlock Female Robin

Male Robin is unlocked by natural progression of the story mode. You can, however, unlock the female version of Robin through specific methods. Female Robin can be unlocked in the “Invisible Ties” of history mode.

Firstly you will need to grind your way through the map until you reach the challenge as shown above. Complete the challenge and you will notice Robin will appear on the map as shown below. Complete the challenge and you will unlock Robin.

How To Unlock Male Corrin

In order to unlock male Corrin, you will need to complete “” map of History mode. The essential goal is to defeat the Ryoma and Xander at the bottom of the map. To reach Xander you will need to defeat Elise, Leo and Camilla Challenges. To reach Ryoma, you will need to complete the Sakura, Takumi and Hiroka Challenges. Once the Xander and Ryoma challenges are successfully completed, Male Corrin will be playable.

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