Fire Emblem Warriors: How to Unlock Anna Guide

Fire Emblem Warriors has an extensive cast of playable characters. Fan favorites such as Marth, Lucina, Robin, Corrin (yes I’m a Smash Bros fan) and many more familiar faces join the fight in this epic. While most characters are become available through natural progression of story mode, some can only be unlocked through specific methods. The first such character is the famous Anna. Unlocking Anna in Fire Emblem Warriors is an evolved process and will require a bit of grinding, so I decided to put together a comprehensive guide.

Prerequistes: You will need to have completed the Story mode in order to have the second Anna Momento’s to be available.

Completing the Fire Emblem Awakening Illustration In Story Mode

The first step to unlock Anna is to complete the Fire Emblem Awakening Illustration. To complete the illustration, you will need to collect 2o Anna’s Momento from various battles. In case you are unfamiliar, once a certain condition are fulfilled, Anna will appear in the battlefield and if reached in time she will hand over an “Anna Momento.” Typically the conditions will fall under beating 1000 enemies or beating a number of bosses.

Also in story mode, you will need to collect all Anna Momento in Chapter 2, 3, 4 and 5. Furthermore you will need to collect the Momento’s the 1st momento in Chapter 12 and the second momento in Chapter 13.

The remaining momento’s for the Awakening are found in History mode – Invisible ties map. You will need to collect all momento’s in the battles shown above. Once the illustration is completed. Anna will appear in the bottom left of the map. Complete the battle and Anna will be available in the playable cast.

She is an archer class in the same vein as Takumi, perfect for Pegasus knights and Wyvern riders.

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  1. Hey, Just want to point out, You mixed up the required mementos with chapter 12 and 13. It’s the second for 12 and first for 13.

    • I just finished Chapter 13’s Second Memento after reading this guide and before reading this comment, Can Confirm, was mixed up.

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