Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is Beginning To Win Me Over

I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan. Admittedly, I haven’t always been one. The brutal difficulty curve of the early games had always been an huge obstacle for someone like. The idea of permanent death is a source for anxiety that my fragile heart cannot take. It was not until Awakening and its accessibility had the series truly won me over. Awakening is everything I want in a video game: compelling story, memorable characters, striking challenge and engaging gameplay that was so engrossing that it was difficult to put the game down. Awakenings follow-up, Fire Emblem Fates, while not as incredible, continued the series run of delivering a well rounded experience.

Despite my newly found love for the series, Three Houses had for a long time failed to garner my interest. It’s odd and I can’t really put my finger why, but the game was not on my radar at all. Perhaps early media showcase failed to show the game strength. Or that the Switch’s incredible line up of sublime game had overshadowed the game. Or maybe Nintendo extensive radio silence with the occasional breadcumb here and there. Nevertheless Three Houses was forgotten with remnants of it hiding at the corner of my mind for a large portion of time and I get the impression that this was the case for most of the Nintendo community.

Fortunately, situations has changed and Nintendo has turned things around significantly better for Three Houses with the game becoming one of my most anticipated games of the year. Props to the Big N, since the start of the year they have done an excellent job in showcasing the game and with every new tidbit unveiled my excitement continues to grow. Like I explained before, Three Houses is looking to tick all the right boxes in what I want an a game: good story, memorable character, challenge and fun gameplay.

What I admire about the game is the greater ambition on display here. Three Houses doesn’t appear to be just a safe entry to the series and giving us more of the same. Intelligent System is shaking up the formula with changes to the games structure, more social features, side-quests and additional customization’s. Going by Nintendo’s E3 Treehouse presentation there’s a lot to take in and to grasp, and I will admit it is a little daunting but it is exciting as well. There’s a strong possibility that it could a spectacular failure or a phenomenal success, the developers should be applauded for taking a gambit.

Personally speaking, what intrigues me most about Three Houses is the story. A story about Three Friends from rivaling Kingdoms torn apart by war during a 5 year time skip? This is spicy drama that I love eating for breakfast. I’m curious on how all this unfolds and what emotional ride the story takes the players through. And with three storylines to play through, Fire Emblem: Three House is shaping up to be a meaty game.

Lurking around the general gaming community, I can’t sense much anticipation or hype surrounding Three Houses… well not to the degree I would expect for a major release. It would be such a shame if Fire Emblem: Three Houses Falls under the radar as I suspect it will turn it out to be a fantastic game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches for the Nintendo Switch on July 26.