Cadence Of Hyrule – How To Unlock All Characters

How To Unlock Link, Zelda, Cadence and Yves

Cadence of Hyrule is a surprise hit in my book. I never in my wildest dream did I expect a rhythm game to be this good. An excellent blend of unique gameplay concepts, exploration, challenge and rewards.

With so many things to find and discover, I thought it would be a good idea to create a few guides to help new players out.

My first guide is on how to unlock all characters in Cadence of Hyrule.

How to unlock Link/Zelda

Depending on who you selected at the beginning of the game, you can unlock the alternative Zelda or Link later on. To unlock the respective triforce wielders, you will first need to find Kakariko Village on your world map. Since the map is proceduraly generated I can’t tell you the precise location of Kakariko Village, so you’ll need to locate it on your specific map.

At Kakariko Village, at the top right corner hidden among the tombs there is a hidden pathway down to a mini dungeon. Work your way through the dungeon until you encounter the mini-boss. The mini-boss will either be a shadow version of Link or Zelda. Simply defeat the mini-boss to receive the hibiscus version. Return back to Kakariko and enter the main house to awaken the sleeping hero with the Hibiscus potion and consequently unlocking them as a playable character.

How to unlock Cadence

Unlocking cadence is fairly straightforward. You will need to find her four times in the over-world map. She can be found at Death mountain inside the cave next to the main sheikah stone before Death Map, at the cave next to the Sheikah stone of the Lost woods, at the cave next to the Sheikah stone of Lake Hylia, and inside the cave surrounding the Gerudo Ruins. Once you have encountered all four times, she will join your party.

How to unlock Yves

The last character that can be unlocked is Yves the Deku nut. To unlock Yves, you will need to collect 10 Deku seeds and return them back to Tingle at the Lost woods. Deku Seeds are a drop item rewarded after Deku Scrubs located across the over-world. Since the world is procedurally generated there is no real way to give you an accurate location of each Deku Scrub. However, if you have the treasure charm – the game will show the location of every remaining Deku Scrub on the world map and will consequently make the search more easier.

Yves is easily the most interesting playable characters, as it only has one heart for health and can shoot Deku nuts. Yves is most definitely for the more hardcore players.