Best Weapons In The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild features dozens upon dozens of weapons available for Links disposal. In most cases a lot of these weapons are throwaways which can be used with impunity. Occasionally you come across a weapon that boasts an impressive stats and attributes which will naturally be saved for the more tougher encounters. With so many weapon to rummage through, I would like to share on what I consider to be the best weapons in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

To be fair, I will not include Amiibo unlocked weapons and the Master Sword.


The Great Eagle Bow

  • Attack: 28 x 3
  • Durability: 60
  • Range: 40

Location: Rewarded after completing Divine Beast Vah Medoh

The Great Eagle Bow is easily one of the best bows in the game. Wielded by the Champion Revali himself, the Great Eagle bow has impressive attack, good durability, excellent range, multi-arrow trait and fantastic rate of fire. To simply put it, it deals a ton of damage in  short time. This bow works wonders on Hinox’s and large enemies with large bars of health. Best of all you can reforge the weapon at Rito’s Village when it breaks.

Savage Lynel Bow

Location: Dropped loot from White/Silver Lynel

  • Attack: 32 x 3 (can be 5)
  • Durability: 45
  • Range: 20

Very Similar to the Great Eagly Bow, the Savage Lynel Bow distinct itself with a higher attack stat. It is not uncommon (from personal experience) to get a Savage Lynel Bow with 5 x multi arrow properties and from this, nothing in the bow category matches the bow in pure damage output. The Savage Lynel Bow are in plentiful supply if you are able to effectively and efficiently farm Lynels.

Ancient Bow

Location: Buy From the Ancient Akkala Tech lab

  • Attack: 44
  • Durability: 120
  • Range: 40

Arguably one of the most reliable bows in the game. However, the downside is that it will cost an arm and leg to get from the Akkala tech lab. The Ancient Bow has the highest single shot damage output (not including the Bow of Light), the best durability and great range. It’s a great all round bow and a must have in your inventory. When it does eventually break, you can purchase it again at the lab (granted you have enough money and ancient parts).


Royal Halberd

Location: Gerudo Highlands

  • Attack: 26
  • Durability: 50

Royal Spear has the second best overall stats in the spear class. High attack for it’s class coupled with high durability makes for a very reliable weapon in combat. If you love using spears, you can’t go wrong with the royal Halberd.


  • Attack: 22/24
  • Durability: 50
  • Location: Colliseum Ruins, Hyrule Ridge

I’ve lumped these two spears together as they have very similar statistic with the primary difference being the elementary attributes. What I love about these weapons is the reliability. You can use these spears in almost any situations with a good rate of attack and great durability. Best of all you can find these weapons in abundance.

Ancient Spear

Location: Purchase from the Akkala Tech Lab

  • Attack: 30
  • Durability: 50

It comes to no surprise that the Ancient spear is the best in it’s class. It does have the best statistics in it’s class by a small margin over the royal halberd. However, the downside to the Ancient Spear is that it is expensive to purchase and it cannot be farmed easily like other weapons. Save this weapon for the more tougher opponents.

Two Handed Weapons

Savage Lynel Crusher

Location: Dropped from Silver and White Mane Lynels

  • Attack: 78
  • Durability: 35

The Savage Lynel Crusher has one role and one role only… And that is to deal as much damage as humanly possible. With the highest attack stat in the game (as far as I know), the Savage Lynel is perfect in dispatching large foes particularly the clumsy Hinox.

Ancient Bladesaw

Location: Akkala Tech Lab

  • Attack: 55
  • Durability: 55

In the two handed category, the ancient weapon isn’t the #1 in it’s class, but it is still highly regarded weapon. Boasting a massive 55 attack stat and 55 durability, it is a very strong and reliable weapon, that will easily dispatch foes in seconds. You honestly can’t go wrong with this weapon.

Boulder Breaker

Location: Rewarded after completing divine beast Vah Radunia

  • Attack: 60
  • Durability: 60

In terms of overall stats, the Boulder Breaker is the best in it’s class and the most rounded as well. With an impressive base 60 attack and base 60 durability, the Boulder Breaker is reliable as it is powerful. And best of all you can reforge the weapon, when it breaks.

One Handed Weapons

Schmitar of the Seven

Location: Reward after beating Divind Beast Vah Naboris

  • Attack: 32
  • Durability: 60

A remarkable weapon with good attack for it’s class and incredible durability, Schmitar of the Seven is a reliable and honest weapon perfect for any encounter. One it does eventually break, you can reforge the weapon at Gerudo Village. With the Schmitar of the Seven in your weapon chest, you will always have a reliable weapon on hand.

Ancient Sword

Location: Ancient Tech Lab

  • Attack: 40
  • Durability: 54

It comes to no surprise the Ancient Sword makes an appearance. With an attack stat of 40 and a durability of 54, the Ancient Sword hit’s hard while remaining sharp even through numerous encounters. The Ancient Sword may be expensive to obtain, however, it is a readily available option if you do need to restock your inventory with powerful weapons.

Savage Lynel Sword

Location: Dropped from White Main and Silve Lynel.

  • Attack: 58
  • Durability: 41

In my humble opinion, the Savage Lynel Sword is the best sword in the game. With a base attack of 58, the Savage Lynel Sword eclipses every sword in the game bar the full powered Master Sword and that’s not even taking into consideration its higher than average durability. If you are proficient in farming Silver/White Lynels you can build up your inventory with a number of Savage Lynel Swords.

Do you agree with my list? Let me know by leaving a comment below.